In a recent poll / written assault from Wallet Hub concerning the best states for working dads, Louisiana finished at the back of the pack.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the pollsters found a way to make the sad news sting a little more - the Sportsman's Paradise ranked 51st.  With the District of Colombia in the running, we got pushed below last place (not fair, but pretty accurate).

There is some good news for the man that probably took a few groin shots teaching you how to hit a baseball - across the country, close to 93% of dads with kids younger than 18 are employed.  The bad news is literally every other state (and that runt D.C.) offers dad more than Louisiana in terms of economic and social well being, work/life balance, child care costs and options, and health.  These key factors put Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut in the top 3 and Louisiana at 51.  I'm just thankful they didn't include Guam or Puerto Rico in the rankings.  We could've been lucky number 53.

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