The Shreveport Police Department is warning residents to take their vehicle's security seriously in response to an increase in car robberies by wannabe gang members.  The thieves are using a method commonly referred to as car "flipping," car "hopping," or making a "lick."  SPD detectives are also warning that the people committing these crimes are most likely young teens trying to earn street cred in order to join a gang.

KTBS reports that most of the burglaries are happening between midnight and 4 a.m. in both Shreveport and Bossier City.  Thieves are targeting nice neighborhoods and are simply lifting every single vehicle door handle in sight to see if it's unlocked - sometimes checking 500 or more a night!  Additionally, officials say the wannabe gang-bangers are looking for guns.  Any valuable is fair game, but guns are prized above all else.  Police say that the criminals will most likely sell them for drugs, or use them in the commission of a violent crime.

Officials say that if you must leave valuables in your car overnight, make sure they are tucked away out of sight.  Also, please lock your doors.

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