When it comes eating there's not many people who can beat me so that's why I'm taking on the challenge of trying all the food competitions/challenges in the Ark-La-Tex! Carter Vs Food is inspired by one of my favorite shows Man Vs Food... And honestly an excuse for me to pig out!

We all know the Ark-La-Tex has some of the best food in the country but I'm searching for the biggest, spiciest, craziest around to take on. If you know of a challenge I should try please tell us about it on Facebook!

This week I took on the Wendy's T-Rex Burger! This insane burger has 9 patties and all the fixin's stacked high. I'm not sure if it's a secret menu or if it was invented by people on the internet but to order it they rang up a double cheeseburger with 7 patties added on top making my total just under $20!

Check out the video below to see me take on the T-Rex Burger!!

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