Over the last few years Americans really have realized the effect that all of our thrown away plastic has had on our oceans and great lakes. From using metal straws to certain businesses outright banning plastic straws, they are small steps to save a BIG planet. Well, now Corona has an idea on how to help.

They aren't the first brewery to fight the war on plastic waste and hopefully won't be the last but what is big is that they are the first major beer company to roll out these big changes. They borrowed the idea from some smaller breweries which have introduced biodegradable 6 pack holders to replace their plastic counterparts.

Rather than using plastic rings fused together to hold your beverages, the company is testing out the viability of barley and wheat based rings which can not only decompose within a few days, but are also food for sea life. Even better, the rings are made of leftover product from the brewing process, which not only saves on cost, but really could make an impact on the environment.

So lets raise a cold refreshing can of change and drink to our future!


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