Chris Jericho is a man of many talents; Main Event guy in WWE, Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Game show host, Podcaster, Good Brother and actor. Most recently, Jericho has been putting in a lot of time and effort into being a rockstar. His band Fozzy has toured with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, played some huge shows and had a couple of minor hits.

Y2J's latest musical endeavor Blood Divisions features members of Obituary, Death and Trans Siberian Orchestra. Jericho and the guys featured apparently had just been jamming and playing around in Florida when they decided to make the band official, release an album and donate all the proceeds to Rock and Rescue. Which is a pretty awesome move.

Jericho says the album is "a complete blend of balls-out thrash, virtuoso technique and '70s hard rock melodies. It's an honor to be a part of this project, as I'd be a fan even if I wasn't in the band!"

The album will be released on March 24th. You can pre-order the record here.

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