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To say that Louisiana is home to some dangerous creatures is an understatement on the order of saying that Joe Tiger might have been a little crazy.  Only Texas and Australia are on par with the sheer number of potentially deadly beasts and bugs found in the Sportsman's paradise.  From reptiles to insects to marine life, you have to watch where you're stepping and swimming here!

As spring turns into summer and more of these creatures come out of hiding, the danger to Louisiana's human population goes through the roof!  If you have any plans that involve the outdoors - pay heed to this list.  It could save you a world of hurt, rehabilitation, or even your life.

To be sure, there are more native fauna in our state that fall in to the treacherous category than are listed below.  If you can think of a critter whose reputation demands it be placed on the list - let us know.  Until then, keep your eyes peeled for these vicious varmints - because they are most assuredly keeping an eye out for you!

Most Dangerous Louisiana Creatures


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