Before you go out and sink your life savings into Fidget Spinner futures I humbly request you remember that toys like this go in and out style as quickly as politicians break their promises. Very few of these "gotta have it" gadgets last. Don't believe me? Check out the list below.


  • Toystuff via YouTube
    Toystuff via YouTube

    Speed Stackers

    This is actually referred to as a sport. It's called Speed Stacking. The basic idea is to take a pyramid of cups and unstack it then restack it as quickly as you can. To watch the world record holders do this is enough to make you twitch with anxiety. They actually sold and probably do still sell cup stacking kits, just not that many people are buying them. How about we come up with a game called "washing dishes" you still get to play with and stack cups.

  • timewarptoys12's channel
    timewarptoys12's channel


    Yeah, I went deep into the past for this one. These solid balls of hard plastic were bound together with a short piece of string. The idea was to "clack them together" in such a way that they met half way around your hand and clacked again. I heard that Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials actually died while eating Pop Rocks and Clacking.

  • BeyBladeMetalRanger via YouTube
    BeyBladeMetalRanger via YouTube


    Let's face it Beyblades were just tops. Yep, old fashioned tops that kids could use to go into "battle". When I was little we had a similar game called oddly enough, Battling Tops. Mine was a generation of no-nonsense titling. Beyblades used to be a thing. Now, they are lost in the bottom of a toybox in your Mom's house waiting for you to come back home and play with them again.

  • CNNMoney via YouTube
    CNNMoney via YouTube

    Silly Bands

    Since I grew up in the stone age our "silly bandz" were called rubber bands. They came around a newspaper and the only animal they resembled was an amoeba. Silly Bandz were high-tech bands of silicone. They could take the shape of animals when they weren't cutting off the circulation to your hand while wrapped tightly around your wrist. Somebody got rich off of selling rubber bands. America, what a country.

  • Webkinz lover 743 via YouTube
    Webkinz lover 743 via YouTube


    Webkinz were stuffed toys that had an online and interactive component. Okay, the stuffed animal didn't do squat but if you entered the code from the tag you could go to a website and play a computer game while the stuffed animal sat there with you. I remember having to run all over town to get one of these for my daughter. I think we dumped our Webkinz at a garage sale or the dog ate it.

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