Take note.

As we rapidly approach Thanksgiving many may be looking for the fastest way to cook their turkey and frying turkeys on Thanksgiving has become very popular.

Well, there are some things to take into consideration when frying a turkey. Number one, you should always do this outdoors and never close to your house.


Also, you need to thaw the frozen turkey out prior to dropping it into a pot that contains the hot oil. You NEVER want to drop a turkey that is frozen into a hot pot of oil.

If you fail to thaw the turkey out thoroughly, here is what happens and this could be a disaster for you and your family.

Below, a firefighter drops the frozen turkey into a pot that contains very hot oil, and as soon as the frozen turkey touches the hot oil, a fireball takes over the pot.


I share this with you in hopes that it reminds you to be safe this Thanksgiving Day if you are frying turkeys and please consider sharing this with others who may be thinking of frying turkeys in the days ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the food!



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