In the world of professional wrestling, there are very few guys as big (literally and figuratively) or famous as Andre the Giant. He was the sports original attraction. He was the original monster among men. He literally changed the business forever.

And that's just inside the ring. Outside of it, that's where Andre really shined. He was an actor. A ladies man. He's the center of thousands of drinking stories. The guy is just a mythological figure of epic proportions.

But, really for the first time, not only are we going to get to here about the myth but we'ere going to get an in depth look at the man. HBO is producing a new documentary about the life and times of André Roussimoff.

Even though the doc won't debut until Spring of 2018, HBO decided to release a teaser trailer for the film today and it looks AMAZING. It's literally 30 seconds...but in that time, it instantly hits you how important and magnetic Andre was.

If this movie is half as good as the Ric Flair 30 for 30, I'm sold!

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