My sons have some great memories from so many outings in Shreveport and Bossier. Many of these places are still here, but there are a few that I'm sorry are no longer available for families with children.

If my sons were asked to tell you what great places they loved to go to in our area when they were youngsters they would probably tell you Sci-Port  and Water Town top the list. We were regular visitors. I've shriveled up lots of skin cells in that lazy river and I laid on that bed of nails more times than I can count. Oh, that baseball speed pit at Sci-Port was also a favorite.

But my boys got to have so much fun at a few places I wish we still had around for today's children.

Hamels Amusement Park

This was a great outing for families. My sons rode that train over and over again. They wanted to be in the front, the back and all the seats in between. The log ride brings back some great family memories. My youngest son is quite the adventurer and he wanted to go on the log rideas often as I would let him. But the older son would have nothing of this one when he was young. So I would have to find a complete stranger to sit with him and wait for us as I rode with my younger dare devil.

Discovery Zone

The best way to describe this is a super-sized playland. It had ball pits, tunnels,slides, rope climbs and all the things little boys and girls loved. It was in Shreve City and could wear a child out in no time. My boys would start to slip off their shoes in the parking lot as the excitement built on their faces the moment we pulled up into that parking lot. Some days I would even get in there and climb with them. I could never win a game of hide and seek in that giant kid maze. They knew all the great hiding spots.



I still get sad thinking this restaurant did not succeed. You are probably wondering why I am putting this on a list of fun things to do with children. But this business in downtown Shreveport had a few months or maybe longer when you could bring the children to eat a decent Cajun meal and the children could get on stage with the band and play the accordion or wear the chest plate to join in with the band. We have some great memories of my sons pretending to be Cajun Zydeco musicians. They even had Cajun dance lessons. It was a really special family outing.

River Rose

We did not get to enjoy this outing very often. My boys were too young by the time the boat set sail, but on the few times we did take the ride, they had a blast. The boat was big enough to let them run around, but they could also not get into too much trouble. They learned all about paddle boats from the Captain and even got to take the wheel a time or two. We do still have the Spirit of the Red in Downtown Shreveport and I encourage you to take your children on a trip down the Red. It is so educational.

Some of the other great memories we have are those hayrides we could go on at Cypress Park during the big Halloween Events. There was also a hayride along the Shreveport Riverfront in the fall that was in conjunction with a trail ride. I have a great photo of my Mom on this trail ride holding one of my boys. We are all bundled up because it was a very chilly day. They might still do this one. I'll have to do some checking.

What great memories do you have a outings with your children. Am I missing something?