After finding out that Netflix is doing a documentary solely based on Tacos I had to ask a group on Facebook about the best place to get Tacos. Like the Tocumentary, I am not going to exclude tacos of any kind. Even that new Burger King taco, if someone claims it's good, I will take their word for it.

My dream job would be to follow Anthony Bourdain around the world and try all the delicious food recommended to him. Unfortunately for me, Mr.Bourdain passed away before I could meet him and convince him to hire me.

I have taken it upon myself to travel all over the SBC and find the BEST taco. I need your help on this project. Be specific, what taco do you order when you go to your favorite taco spot.

Feel free to message me directly on Facebook by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you and all your suggestions.

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