Yesterday it was announced that Uber is officially in business in Shreveport starting today! If you missed the news, check out the story in the button below.

This is a great opportunity for having safe rides for everyone who needs one in the area, but also this is a great opportunity to make some money. Have you thought about being an Uber driver?

Leon Neal, Getty Images
Leon Neal, Getty Images

According to the Uber Official website,

Well here is how to become an Uber driver if you are contemplating the idea.

Step 1: Sign Up on their website.

Step 2: Make sure you fit the requirements.

Which are: You must be 21 years of age and have a vehicle that meets the following requirements: 2000 or newer, 4 doors, not salvaged.

Step 3: Background Check

Step 4: Upload a photo of your ID

Step 5: Confirm registration information for your vehicle

Step 6: Provide additional information for Shreveport

If this is something you are very interested in you should check out more information here. 


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