If you thought you might have seen rapper/filmmaker/producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in Shreveport today, you probably did.

According to KTAL-TV, Jackson was in Shreveport today to tour Millennium Studios, and a few other properties, in the Shreveport area. The report says Jackson checked out Millennium Studios early this afternoon, and sources inside the City of Shreveport told the TV station that Jackson would be visiting Stageworks in Downtown Shreveport, and Independence Stadium.

Rapper 50 Cent performs on MTV's Direct Effect
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But why would 50 Cent be looking at these properties in Shreveport? Well, he has taken his fame and resources, and turned them into his own production company called G-Unit Film & Television. Including a recent deal struck with Fox that sets Jackson up to produce content for the studio. The deal will have Jackson create both live-action and animated content for Fox.

The Millennium Studios facility in Shreveport is a 70,000 square foot facility that is capable of producing TV & Film content. It is one of the last remaining foundations of Shreveport's brief period as a filming destination for Hollywood productions. The City of Shreveport purchased the Millennium Studios last year for $3.8 million, and intended to use it to attract filming back to the city. Which might be exactly what Jackson may be looking to do.

Anchor Bay Entertainment
Anchor Bay Entertainment

Its worth noting that Jackson has a connection to both Millennium and Shreveport. He filmed the movie "Streets of Blood" in Shreveport with Millennium Films back in 2008. The movie was released in 2009, and also starred Val Kilmer, Sharon Stone, and Michael Biehn.

So this could be a reunion for Jackson and Shreveport if something were to come of this visit.

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