Ring of Honor superstar Adam Cole is officially the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. Cole, who is ROH's only 3 time World Champion, was officially fired by the Bullet Club at last weekend's Ring of Honor PPV and his contract with Ring of Honor has run out.

So, the question is, what will Adam do next? Cole has booked himself on a couple of Indy shows here and there over the next month or so. However, the leading theory is that Cole will show up this weekend at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

With the way NXT's touring and taping schedule is set up, Cole could finish the indy dates he booked, work NXT House shows and be available for tapings in Orlando. According to dirt sheet writers like Dave Meltzer, Cole showing up in a WWE ring isn't a matter of if, it's a matter of when.

Adam Cole is an outstanding young talent and I would LOVE to see him face off against the likes of Drew McIntyre and Bobby Roode in NXT or Finn Balor and Nakamura on the Main Roster. Either way Vinnie Mac, we need some Adam Cole BAY-BAY!

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