Domestic oil and natural gas production has been in the news quite a bit lately.  The latest news out of Texas is that the Eagle Ford Shale (a shale field that stretches 400 miles from north of College Station to the Rio Grande near Laredo) is experiencing a resurgence in production and jobs.

With that in mind, it's easy to understand why the rest of the world looks at the southern part of the United States as the experts in drilling for oil and natural gas.  That is exactly why Gov. John Bel Edwards met with Israeli energy minister Yuval Steinitz yesterday.  The topic of discussion was bringing Louisiana drilling know-how to bear on Israel's aspirations for off-shore operations.  It seems that Israel wants a piece of the natural gas market, and with the Bayou State's help - it's going to get it.  The recently discovered gas pockets in the Mediterranean sea will require the type of off-shore drilling that we have been doing since In 1911 when the Gulf Refining Company drilled the Ferry Lake No. 1 site on Caddo Lake.

The Israelis plan to start drilling next year, and according the report from WAFB - Gov. Edwards says a deal with a Louisiana company experienced in this type of operation would help the nation get away from depending on foreign oil and coal, and move towards energy independence.

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