One of the most thrilling weeks of the entire year is going on right now, and the Shreveport Aquarium is helping you get up close and personal with these magnificent denizens of the deep.  All this week, our very own window to the fascinating undersea world will be putting a special focus on the ocean's most famous family of apex predators - the shark.

Of course, the celebration was started by (and still centered on) the week long Discovery Channel's Shark Week programming back in 1988.  That's right - Shark week is 31 years old!  Shreveport Aquarium's celebration is marked with shark dives, shark feedings, a shark birthday party, and so much more!  All week, kids who bring shark-centric drawings or art to hang on the aquarium's wall will receive a free ice cream!

Check out the entire list of events planned for this week at the Shreveport Aquarium by clicking here. 

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