It seems fine at the time. A glass of wine with friends at a holiday party. Then you stay for another glass of wine and some more conversation. Then the party gets really going and before you know it you've had too much to drink, even though you only had a few.

You might be feeling just a little loose. You might be feeling good. You might be a little buzzed. In the eyes of Louisiana enforcement you are an impaired driver and they will show zero tolerance to your situation.

This is a joyous holiday period, we certainly don’t want to see any more of these tragic crashes. We’re just asking everyone to have a little personal responsibility, make the right choice and do the right thing to keep us all safe.

Those are words to stay alive by as reported to the Louisiana Radio Network from  Sgt Nick Manale spokesman for  the Louisiana State Police.

If you want the cold hard facts. Last year during the holiday season there were 671 fatal and injury crashes reported in our state. 99 of those crashes were directly related to impaired drivers. It's hard to believe that knowing what we know in this day and age that anyone would be so bold and so disrespectful of human life to drink and drive.

Once you do begin consuming alcohol, your judgement is affected and that’s not the time to try and plan your way home. So have a plan in place, make that right choice.

So make the choice now while you are stone cold sober to not drink and drive. We encourage you to designate a driver, call a taxi, or use UBER. They are all much better options than being involved in a crash or spending the night in jail, possibly losing your job, damaging your reputation, and just being an overall jackwagon. 

If you do plan on drinking and driving you'll want to know the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over program is in full force for the holiday season. Extra officers and patrol units have been scheduled to be on our highways and city streets to look for impaired drivers. They will find you. You will get busted. Let's hope that is all that will happen to you if you choose to drink and drive.

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