The newly approved and adopted budget for the Great State of Louisiana officially kicks in July 1st, but there is a problem:  Because of severe cuts, the SNAP food stamp program could be shut down entirely as soon as January 2019.

According to, the state may have no choice but to shut down the program that helps 1 in 5 Louisiana families put food on the table.  Deep cuts had to be made for the new budget to pass, that means close to $34 million was cut from the food stamp program.  According to the Department of Children and Family Services, this would leave them with no other choice to completely shut down the program.  There would be no funding for the benefits.

The conversation about saving the program isn't over yet, but without funding from somewhere it seems to be doomed.  Without a miracle, the USDA will inform administrators in September of it's plan to shut the program down.  Those changes, including the elimination of 1000 jobs, would be effective January 2019.

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