Tattoos are considered a form of expression, but for one Louisiana man they have become more about documenting his travels.

Bill Passman is a 59-year-old retired attorney who is determined to see the world, keeping track of his journey along the way with a huge back piece tattoo of nothing other than a map.

So far, his travels have taken him to 60 different countries over a span of four years, which means he has inked in over half of his skin map. So, who tattoos him? Passman says that every time he visits a new country, he finds an artist to fill it in on his back.

Passman says he got the itch to travel after a 2006 trip to Tanzania. In 2010, he decided to quit his job as a lawyer and hit the road full-time – only coming home three months a year.

He was inspired to get a tattoo of a map after running into a woman at a Pirate Bar in Honduras. “After speaking for a moment she quickly turned around to speak to someone else and that is when I noticed it, a tattoo outline of the world. I, along with many other backpackers, quickly told her how awesome it looked,” he writes in his blog The World Tattoo.

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