We now have concrete evidence of the snobbiest states in America, and Louisiana didn't do so bad.

Also, I feel like I'm using the words "concrete evidence" very loosely, because looking over this survey, I can't help but laugh when it comes to how they came to their conclusion.

The website Zippia, which is a job-hunting website, listed America's snobbiest states, from snobbiest to least-snobby... Now, I haven't been to too many states but if I just had to guess, I would guess that states like New York and California ranked pretty snobby, while states down here in the good ole south would be at the bottom of the list. Southern hospitality is real, my friends.

So, was I correct? You know I was. Out of the top ten snobbiest states, none were found in the south. Massachusetts came in at number one, followed by Vermont, Connecticut, New York, and New Hampshire. Rounding out their top-ten, we have Rhode Island, California, Oregon, Maine, and Virginia.

For Louisiana, we came in near the middle of the pack. This is surprising to me because I don't consider Louisiana snobby at all. We finished in 32nd place.

Now, Zippia came to this conclusion by using a few key factors. To boil it down, as silly as it sounds, they essentially looked at the average education in the state and the average amount of wine bottles per person.

Yes, you read that correctly.

So, according to those metrics, Louisiana is kind of snobby not nearly as snobby as most states.



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