In other breaking news the sun will rise in the general direction of East this morning. This is not really breaking news as much as it is confirmation of what we have known all along.

LSU Freshman basketball phenom Ben Simmons won't be playing for free at LSU next year. He will most likely sign a big money contract with the NBA and become a disappointment for a pro team.

Did you pick up on the cynicism? I hope the young man does well. He certainly did not live up the hype and potential he could have during his "college year". He is a very talented basketball player and maybe he will be motivated to actually play to his potential when there is money instead of something silly like school spirit, school pride, and respect for your teammates on the line.

Yesterday Simmons told ESPN that he plans to forgo his college eligibility, hire and agent, and make himself available for the upcoming NBA draft. There is no doubt the kid has skills. Cody Worsham, Editor of the Tiger Rag, says that statistically he had one the better seasons in college basketball history. However, that wasn't enough to actually help his team win.

You don't just shed that kind of legacy overnight. I think he'll be remembered as a guy that put great numbers, but didn't lead his team to the promise land like everyone hoped he would.

Worsham was quoted in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

If you're wondering Simmons did have a great year by the numbers. He averaged 19 points per game. His play under the boards was pretty good too, he averaged 12 rebounds per game. He also was responsible for five assists per game. Unfortunately basketball is a team game and one better than average player can't carry an entire team. Especially if that player appears to have a different agenda than the team.

So, about the one and done with LSU, is that a good thing for Tiger Basketball or is it simply a case of a guy using the system to get rich?

If Ben goes on to have a great pro career and represents LSU well at the next level and speaks highly of his time at LSU, he could go on to be a great ambassador of the university, so it's too soon to say if it's a good or bad thing.

I supposed the proper thing to do would be wish Mr. Simmons well. I do hope the young man has a great career.  I also wish colleges would stop prostituting themselves for these players that have no loyalty to the school. Perhaps I have a different idea of what a student athlete is supposed to be. That's why we would love your comments. Was LSU right for signing a player they knew would only be playing for one season?

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