Rock legends are few and far between these days. Robert Plant...Jimmy Page...David Gilmour...Paul McCartney...Mick Jagger...Keith Richards...Eric Clapton...Lemmy. And Paul Rodgers. The voice behind the hits for Free, Bad Company, The Firm (with Jimmy Page), and Queen, for a bit (you know it take cojones the size of medicine balls to step into Freddie Mercury's shoes!), Paul Rodger is definitely Rock Royalty.

And we in Shreveport had a chance to schmooze with His Royal Highness Friday night at Hirsch Coliseum.

Performing for a less than impressive crowd (WTF is wrong with you Shreveport?!?!?!?), Rodgers sang like he was singing for 50,000 people, pulling out hit after hit after hit from his impressive musical catalog, tossing in only two songs from his latest solo effort, "The Royal Sessions" ("Born Under a Bad Sign", "I Thank You"). He was just ridiculously good. His voice is better than ever, and he looks 20 years younger than he is. I don't know how he does it. Too bad most of you passed on the show.

The next time you have an opportunity to see a talent like this in your own backyard, do it. It doesn't happen often, and with a turnout like Friday night's, it going to happen less and less. You're not doing him a favor by buying a ticket. He's got his cash. You're doing yourself a favor. Not only did you miss a rock legend, you missed a chance to hear a voice like we will never hear again.

Check out some pics and videos below (videos courtesy of James Gentry).




Setlist - Paul Rodgers

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