Timothy Bonner went from the cooler to drinking a cool one and back again.

The 40-year-old man escaped from a jail cell in Smith Township, Pennsylvania last weekend, only to go to a local bar for a beer.

Bonner, who was in custody for assault, managed to get away as officers were putting him in his cell. After making a pit stop at a friend’s house to ask for shoes, you’d think maybe he’d steal a car and drive far away. Or hitch a ride out of town, right?

Nope. He hightailed his way to a bar in town.

Cops were none the Budweiser (get it?) because they easily tracked him down a short time later at the watering hole nursing a beer. A patron, who bought Bonner the drink, said he had confessed to escaping. Bonner’s Houdini-like act of freeing himself was short-lived, however. Officers quickly arrived at the tavern and brought him back downtown.

This time, officers had no trouble holding onto Bonner, who is being held on $10,000 bond. That’s money that could probably better be spent on beer, wouldn’t you say?

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