It seems so weird, but the ability to bring back the essence of a long dead musical artist for the purpose of a stage show now exists.  In actuality, using holographic projections to bring a "virtual" performer to the stage during a concert has been used successfully since 2006 with the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc performance at the Grammys.  Tupac Shakur famously performed at Cochella in 2012, even though he was gunned down in !996.  The point is, like it or not - holograms are here to stay.

The question of "Who would you bring back for a concert?" suddenly becomes a valid question.  Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Selena, the original lineups of dozens bands, and countless others come to mind - and with the right permission and footage, it's totally possible.  Roy Orbison is definitely on my list, and recently he's been seen gracing a few stages in England.  According to the Nottingham Post, Roy is currently on tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his death, in what has got to be the strangest sentence I've ever written.

In one way, I don't like seeing someone profit off of a dead artist that I love.  However, I would like to see Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain sing together.  Check out a Roy(?) doing Pretty Woman with the London Philharmonic below.

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