Seether have announced their plans for the annual Rise Above Festival and this year’s line-up includes Disturbed, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage, Alter Bridge and many other bands. On a much lighter note, we caught up with Seether frontman Shaun Morgan for a fun game of ‘Would You Rather?’ He talks about his love of being in the studio and creating as well as his admiration for Kurt Cobain and more. Check out our latest installment of ‘Would You Rather?’ below:

Would you rather be late for a show or mess up onstage? 

I’ve messed up onstage many times, being late for a show that happens once in a while. I’d rather mess up onstage, I think it makes it more organic. Especially when you eat s--- and trip over a monitor or something, those are always great stories.

Would you rather play big festivals or small club shows forever?  

I think small club shows, they’re more intimate and you can feel the heat coming off the people. It’s quite a personal experience, I feel like you connect a lot more in those. The big shows are great but the small shows are what’s exciting for me.

Would you rather be on tour or in the studio?  

I used to say on tour but I would say these days, in the studio. I like the creative process. I like taking an idea and making it this huge thing that comes from these massively powerful speakers and then going out and touring them. For me, I really enjoy the studio now.

Would you rather hit the road in a nice new shiny tour bus that smells bad or an older RV that doesn’t have a stench?

Oh I don’t mind smells so the bus is alright, once you’ve got a bus you can’t go back. I don’t give a s--t if it smells like s--t.

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or drumsticks for hands?

Drumsticks for hands because then I can at least play something. I don’t know if I could play accordion by hopping up and down, I’d look pretty silly like a jack-in-the-box. If I had drumsticks for hands, at least I could still piss off the neighbors, play bad drums and give that element of an annoying human being sometimes.

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is currently alive? And who would it be?

For me it would be Kurt Cobain, I was massively influenced by him as a kid. I know people that saw shows and said it was great. For me, him being as influential as he was, the first song I learned how to play on guitar was ‘Polly’ when I was like 13 years old. The music really spoke to me, if I could ever pick to have lunch with anybody it would be Kurt.

Our thanks to Shaun Morgan of Seether for playing “Would You Rather?’ with us! Check the band's Rise Above Festival on Aug. 8 in Bangor, Maine.

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