As a rock band, you can see the highs and lows at different points of your career with fans treating you differently over time. Seether have some fun with that idea a bit in their colorful new video for "Save Today."

In the video, the band members traverse their way through a graffiti'd backdrop, first being surrounded and cheered by fans before turning a corner, donning goggles and being pelted with trash by those same people that greeted them wildly prior.

The clip ends with the band grabbing their instruments, being surrounded by those fans dancing along and then being covered with colored paint before being hosed down at the conclusion.

"Save Today" comes from the band's 2014 release Isolate and Medicate. It follows their past hit singles "Words as Weapons," "Same Damn Life" and "Nobody Praying for Me." Look for Seether playing the ShipRocked Cruise in January.

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