Those wonderful devices that were supposed to give us so much more time for the important things like friends and family have actually been a bit of a detriment to the moral fiber of the world. I know not everybody is taking explicit pictures on their phone and sharing them with total strangers but the number of people who are might surprise you.

Maybe we aren't all sharing our secret fantasies with total strangers. Maybe it's a married couple that's putting a little spice into the bonfire of romance. Regardless statistics show that if you were to pick four different phones at random from around your office. There would be at least one phone with explicit photos stored inside.

That's why the folks you work with don't like you looking at their pictures unless you are supervised. How dare someone look at your vacation picture and then have the audacity to swipe to the next photo. It's pretty easy to spot who has something to hide. They are the ones that get nervous when you grab their phone and go run and lock yourself in the bathroom with it.

I know I have been guilty of sending a personal text to the wrong recipient. I was trying to tell my wife I loved her and obviously the people at Walgreen's thought I was just trying to get my prescriptions filled a little faster. It happens. It's worse when you include a picture.

A story on the website Female First suggested that one out of seven of us have sent either a suggestive photo or suggestive verbiage to the wrong person. The most common recipient of our randy behavior is a former spouse or love interest.

Next on the list of recipients of unwanted photos are friends and co-workers and last on the list is family members.  How do we handle it when we have shown all the cards in our hand to the wrong person? Most of us just ignore it and hope the other person won't mention it. The next most popular ploy is to say you meant to do that. Which would be really hard to explain to Grandma at the next Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank goodness we can now blame everything that goes wrong with our romantic intentions and wireless communications on Pokemon Go. You could always tell the people who get your unintended message that they were just getting a " peek at you". Say it fast, it will be funny. Okay, it isn't.

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