If you get your water service from South Bossier Water System, then you'll need to break out the pots.  A boil advisory has been issued to protect the 1755 customers currently on the service after some repairs have introduced the possibility of contaminants in the water.

The water utility company is asking their customers to boil their water for at least 1 full minute.  This includes water for ice, cooking, brushing your teeth, and fountain drink machines.  Any water you use in an external fashion (showers, laundry, etc.) should be fine to use.

The measure is a precaution to make sure bacteria that could make its way into the pipes that bring water to your house is stopped in its tracks.  According to KSLA, the advisory will be in effect until further notice. The news station claims that this is the 75th such boil advisory in Bossier Parish since January 1st, 2018.

Does this affect you?  Click here to find out who takes care of your water.

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