Chicago has long been a hot bed of wrestling fans. They've also always been a city known for being loud, boisterous and high jacking shows. Well, last night on Monday Night Raw, the crowd attempted to highjack the opening segment of the show with a CM Punk chant.

And I say attempted because the more savage than usual Stephanie McMahon completely shut the crowd down. During the opening promo featuring Steph, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, the crowd erupted with cheers for their hometown hero. Then Stephanie quickly shut them down by referencing Punk getting his ass beat in his debut UFC fight.

The Queen Bee of the WWE was ruthless. And as much as I love Punk, you got to give Steph mad props for pulling the trigger on this savagery. Hell, the crowd never got another Punk chant going the rest of the night, which is highly unusual.