I know I'm committing football blasphemy.  It's supposedly the biggest day of the year--Super Bowl Sunday!  And I just don't care.  Really all I care about anymore are my Dallas Cowboys.  Since they didn't make it to the big game, I just can't get that excited about it.

The bubble burst for me when I had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to attend Super Bowl XXVIII between the Cowboys and Buffalo Bills inside the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Tickets were so hard to come by that my buddy and I actually sat in separate rows, a couple of seats down from each other.  The NBC pre-game set was in one of the player tunnels just a few seats away from us.  When it was time for them to go on the air, the set would be raised hydraulically to where it was in the air on the same level as our seats, so we had a clear view inside the glass-enclosed studio.  That was about the only cool thing that happened for me that day.

You see, the Super Bowl is strictly a made-for-TV event.  The game is just the means to an end, the end being a butt-load of money for the NFL.  All of the drama and excitement you feel watching on TV is totally absent when you're inside the stadium.  The game itself takes forever because they are constantly stopping it to show more commercials.  Even the halftime show is a big letdown.  Garth Brooks was the featured performer that day, but the acoustics inside the arena were so bad, you couldn't hear anything but a bunch of noise. Plus, before and after he performed the arena was dead because they were just biding time while more commercials played on the air.

The Cowboys won their 4th Super Bowl that day, and now I can say that I've actually been to the "big game".  But, take it from me, it ain't all that big.  Be glad you're watching it on TV Sunday instead of actually being there.  You'll enjoy it a lot more.


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