I'm a huge boxing fan, and that is mostly thanks to the Rocky film franchise. The original is one of the best underdog stories in the history of American Cinema. I think we all can admit that a lot of the squeals were unnecessary, but overall, it is still an awesome franchise.

Hell, I even liked 2006's 'Rocky Balboa'. Well, the Rock is back for the 7th installment of the franchise with a new twist. The new film is called 'Creed' and focuses more on Apollo Creed's son Adonis as he tries to build his own boxing legacy. Rocky serves as Adonis' mentor and trainer.

When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was stupid idea and that Sly should just let Rocky die in peace. But, after watching the trailer, I'm actually pretty excited for the film. You can watch the first trailer below. The film comes out November 25.

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