Suárez of the Lambs
How long does this World Cup fiasco last? A year-and-a-half or some such nonsense? Why, oh why can't it be over, so all the soccer(futbol) bandwagon hoppers-on can shut up about it, and we can all get back to our miserable lives. Bitter...
World Cup Sex Session
I'm going to be straight here. I don't get soccer (or as the rest of the world calls it, futbol). This is a sport? A bunch of guys jogging. Face it soccer fans, you're watching a bunch of guys jog up and down the field. Oh, wait! He kicked the ball! More jogging. Yawn.
But for the rest of the world, …
Former Playmates Make Soccer Look A Whole Lot More Interesting [VIDEO]
I'm a big sports guy. I love baseball, football, hockey, boxing, etc., but the one sport I could just never get into is soccer. Right now, the World Cup is going on and I couldn't care less. It doesn't interest me what so ever.
But I just discovered a video of Former Playboy Playmates playing footbal…

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