For those of you that play video games on the computers, you may have heard of the game Rust. It's an online, multi-player game set in a post apocalypse world where the main goal is to not die. You have to scavenge for supplies avoid wild animals and looters, and avoid mass amounts of radiation. In a game like this, it is essential to bond and develop relationships with other players to help ensure your survival. And currently in the game, there is one faction that is running rampant and taking the world by storm, The Penis Brothers!

What is a 'Penis Brother', you ask? Well, they are a brotherhood in the game who is on a mission to de-pants everyone in the Apocalypse. If you run into a roaming pack of these naked butchers, you only have two choices: join their cause and take off your pants or die! If you accept their invitation to become a Penis Brother, you will be initiated in the most profane, vulgar, and crude way possible: the 'Penis Train'.

You can find more information about the Penis Brothers and Rust below. And as the Penis Brothers say, 'The Penis Brothers stand as one. Respect our collective girth.' :