Sunday mornings have me craving pancakes and French toast. I normally avoid eating at a chain restaurant unless if I’m totally craving something in particular. I googled “Breakfast in Bossier” and decided to try out Southfield Grill. My boyfriend and I drove over to the restaurant on Benton road. We walked in and it felt like a time warp. For a moment I felt like my boyfriend and I were the only ones there that weren’t one of the regulars. Apparently, this location is packed with regulars. We were clearly the outsiders in the restaurant.

Krystal Montez

We walked up and stood awkwardly up until we were told that we could seat ourselves. We sat down and I was going to order French Toast which was the reason why I dragged my boyfriend to a new place. It was hard to skip to the plan after the waitress told us about the specials. My boyfriend opted for beef tips and I went with the waitress's suggestion. A fried chicken with THREE sides. Every single special came with 3 sides. The waitress said there would be a lot of food, but I couldn’t even get through half of my meal before tapping out. My boyfriend swore that the beef tips tasted just like his grandmas. Each of our huge meals cost us $8.99. I can’t think of a place that gives you so much food and charges so little. Did we travel back to 1997? What’s another restaurant in the Ark-La-Tex that I am missing out on?