Say it ain't so. Reports out today say that Toys "R" Us may sell all of its stores in the United States.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is preparing to liquidate all of its stores in the United States. The toy store has been operating under bankruptcy protection since last year and it appears that the company can't "float" any longer.

Toys "R" Us has seen a shrinkage in profit, yet it reportedly sells 20% of all toys in the world!

I hope they find a way to stay open, but it's not looking good. The company has failed to go "public" due to weak sales and sadly the end may soon be near. How soon? Some reports say that stores may close as soon as next week! 

There's no better experience than taking a kid to Toys "R" Us and letting them "dream" or "wish" during the holidays.

It's sad to see what is happening here.

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