History is one of my favorite things, and the details about how we led the world in the fight against a truly evil world power are both thrilling and incredibly sad.  The enormous price paid for to free the earth of Nazi tyranny represents no less than the best and the worst humanity has to offer - and we would be better as a species to learn the lessons and respect the sacrifices from World War II.

A fantastic opportunity to check out some of the stories, artifacts, and photos from one of (if not the) greatest conflicts the world has ever seen is waiting for you right here in the Ark-La-Tex.  Shreveport's R.W. Norton Art Gallery latest exhibit, The Pelican State Goes to War: Louisiana in World War II, focuses on the Louisiana's contribution to WWII, and includes lots of items on loan from the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.  This exhibit will feature something else that will draw you even deeper into the experience - oral histories of the people in and around Shreveport during this huge conflict.  We all know something about this terrible war, but few know the impact and contributions made right here in Shreveport in a way the museum lays out.

Check out this vital piece of our history from now until January 13th of next year.

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