Earlier this week on Halloween, first responders in Ohio held an emergency-management drill while 200 volunteers in zombie makeup milled about looking for brains. Well, it’s good to know that somebody will be prepared if the dead should rise.

The exercise wasn’t all about dodging slow-moving brain-eaters, however. During the drill, which was held at Ohio Wesleyan University, responders tested their skill at using standard decontamination procedures on the faux-’walking dead.’

The exercise was inspired by a tongue-in-cheek online post from the CDC urging people to be prepared for a zombie attack. And while it sounds like a joke, the CDC hopes the drill will inspire real-life preparedness. Well, it certainly inspired our fears of having our tasty brains devoured by zombies. Thanks, guys.

Watch footage from the zombie emergency management drill below.

[via MSNBC]