We've seen plenty of studies before about the length of your fingers and whether it's related to your size IN THE PANTS. But a group of scientists in South Korea say they've PROVEN there's a real connection. Here's how it works:

If the ring finger on your right hand is much shorter or much longer than the index finger on your right hand, you're WELL ENDOWED.But if your right ring finger and index finger are fairly close in size or the same size, it's a sign you're SMALL DOWN BELOW.This is all connected to the amount of testosterone and estrogen you're exposed to in the womb. More of those sex hormones make both your ring finger and manhood develop and grow.The reason they tested this on the right hand is because the left hand is less predictable.The team in Korea tested this on 144 male patients over age 20 . . . and say that it was a statistically relevant correlation. Finger size IS related to junk size.