There's big money in helping our wonderful country get CHUBBY. But there's also PLENTY of money in getting us drunk. And now, the fast food chains are finally realizing it's time for them to multitask.



--More and more fast food and quick service chain restaurants are starting to test alcohol as a way to supplement their traditional food and drink sales. Here are four of the chains testing this out . . .


BURGER KING. Burger King has three "Whopper Bars" that sell beer in the U.S. They're in Miami, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.


SONIC. Later in the summer, Sonics in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida will start selling draft beer, bottled beer, and wine. But you can't have it if you're in your car, you've got to get out and sit at Sonic's patio.


STARBUCKS. Four Starbucks locations in Seattle now sell beer and wine. They're going to add a fifth location in September.


PIZZA HUT. Pizza Hut has sold beer in restaurants forever . . . but now they're experimenting with it for delivery and takeout.


(USA Today)