Let's think about this for a second...you're on a plane and you are taking off when something odd happens, one of the wheels falls off the plane. What do you do?

1.) I hope this pilot is skilled enough to land the plane with the landing gear looking like the picture to the left. (which is the actual picture of the messed up landing gear)

2.) Think to yourself "Gee, the plane isn't turning around, this could be dangerous. I should tell someone."


3.) Laugh about how funny it looked when that wheel fell off and then image it bouncing down the runway into house and landing someone's pool.

It seems as though a passenger on a plane from Exeter to Newcastle in England saw this happen and reported it to no one, UNTIL the stewardess asked her to move out of the way so she could look at the possible damage, as reported by Air Traffic Control.

Thankfully no one was hurt, but just a suggestion, if you see parts of the plane fall off when you are ON the plane, you just may want to say something to someone.

Just sayin'