O.K. That whole crawfish "suck the head" deal is one thing, but a restaurant in Nigeria has gone a bit too far with the concept.

According to yourjewishnews, an anonymous tip led Amambra, Nigeria police to a restaurant where they discovered two fresh human heads wrapped in cellophane. Along with the heads, police also seized two AK-47s, other weapons, and several rounds of ammunition.

The owner and ten other restaurant employees were taken into custody.

Locals said they were not surprised that the restaurant had been closed down. Why should they be surprised? It's not like the place was operating a secret underground cannibal club - "Roasted Human Head" was clearly on the menu. A pastor at an Amabranian church said he thought workers were pulling his leg when they told him that he'd been eating human pieces-parts:

“I ate at the restaurant and the bill was very high. The workers told me that I ate human flesh. I was shocked.”

Which begs the question - if someone slipped a little human flesh into your gumbo, and you liked it...would you go back for seconds after you found out you'd been dining on cousin Ernie?