There are different levels of knowing that "you made it" for a band.
#1 You get airplay on you local radio station.
#2 You get signed to a independent record label
#3 A major record label buys out your indie label contract
#4 You get your song played all across the USA
#5 You get your song played overseass
#6 MTV plays your music
#7a You sell a million copies of your album
#7b You get your first #1 song
#7c You get your first #1 album
#8 You are referenced in a TV show or movie by name or cameo
#9 You are recognized by the mainstream media and your birthday is announced on CNN (which Flea just had happen)
#10 You are asked to take part in Austin City Limits.

Notice, I left off induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. That is kind of no-brainer. You had to achieve a number of milestones to get that induction. Regardless, #9 and #10 just happened for the Chile Peppers over the last month. So be on the look-out for the band to be on an upcoming edition of Austin City. Here is a little sneak peek.