I was just going through my computer doing some LONG overdue Spring Cleaning. And while I was deleting picture and videos and what not, I stumbled across folders and folders of American Tragedy pictures and videos. It's hard to believe it has been almost 2 years since Tragedy played their last show together. For the better part of a decade, The American Tragedy were an institution in the Shreveport Rock scene.

Whether they were opening up for National act or playing a headlining show at SoundStage, the band always brought a ton of energy and passion to the stage. The local music scene just hasn't quite been the same without Tragedy. Sure, there are some great local bands like Lions May Cry and Shayliff (just to name a few), but something just seems to be missing.

And I think that is what made them special. Bands come and go through our local scene (sometimes at a very rapid pace), but Tragedy was always a mainstay. They were a major part of this city, our music scene, and 99X.

The American Tragedy may be gone, but they aren't forgotten. Here's to hoping that maybe somewhere, someday maybe, just maybe we can talk Adam, Jackie, and Trey to coming out of retirement for one more show.

In case, you’ve missed any part of this amazing 12 year journey, here is a little trip down Tragedy lane: