"Redbook" magazine had a focus group of 50 men rate different outfits that women wear, and the results are interesting. Baggy 'boyfriend jeans' was one of the LEAST popular looks. But here are the four most desirable ones:

#1.) Sweat Pants That Aren't Baggy. Baggy ones are more comfortable . . . but obviously men don't like them. But men like the sweat pant look in general because sweats are easy to take off, and it seems like sex could happen at any time.

#2.) Dresses. It doesn't even have to be an expensive dress. In fact, the men in the "Redbook" poll actually liked simple dresses more than formal ones.

#3.) Jeans With a White Tank Top. Again, guys like it because it's simple, and they prefer regular blue jeans that aren't too tight. "Redbook" says it's casual but sexy, and it tells men that you can look great without trying very hard.

#4.) A Pencil Skirt With High Heels. A lot of men in the survey didn't like miniskirts because they're too revealing and don't leave much to the imagination. Pencil skirts are still sexy, but make you look a lot classier.