While crime is increasing in neighborhoods, two Shreveport Police officers get themselves arrested.

The Shreveport Times reports that one  Shreveport police officer "has been charged with one count of solicitation of prostitution in connection with a complaint received by the department".  The Times says that they (the department) has to do all these investigations to see if he really did it.  After Vice investigated, agents obtained an arrest warrant charging 25-year-old Jecarlous Colbert.  The guy is on administrative leave right now. 

Meanwhile, another officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated, though he wasn’t actually caught driving while intoxicated???  After a concerned call, from a citizen no less, responding officers discovered that off-duty Officer Pat Hensley had apparently been operating his assigned unit while impaired.  And by "operating his assinged unit" I mean had it parked in the middle of the street and by impaired I mean drunk.  Hensley was immediately taken to city jail and put on administrative leave.  I'm not sure there is a "parking while intoxicated" law on the books.  Who watches the watchers?! Honestly!?  The city's Assistant CAO is arrested for trying to get some tang on a Mayoral couch, crime is up and they need "OUR HELP" to stop it, 44 arrested at last weekends Mardi Gras and Shreveport Police have to arrest their own...now I know why everyone wants to move to Bossier.