Bossier City Fire Dept.
Bossier City Fire Dept.

Yesterday Bossier City Fire Department investigators arrested Kailey Marie Wise, 18, of Benton for simple arson.  She and a male companion walked into the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Barksdale Boulevard on February 3rd and set fire to the place.

These two were so bright, they were caught in the act on the stores video cameras. They can be seen strolling down an aisle when Wise points to a package of "feminine hygiene products".  Her companion then pulls out his lighter and proceeds to light the package. They lingered in the aisle to make sure the fire got going, then they just walked out the front door with the cameras getting excellent shots of their faces.

The Bossier City Fire Department published those pictures on Valentine's Day and yesterday Wise turned herself in.  Her male counterpart has been identified, but he's out of the state.  (One would assume on business, right?) He's expected to turn himself over to authorities in the next few days.



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