One of the most talked about people in the wrestling universe over the past 12 months has been Cody Rhodes. Dude went from being Stardust in WWE to being one of the hottest free agents in the world of professional wrestling. Now he is working in TNA, New Japan and Ring of Honor...doing all the things he never got to experience going straight into the WWE universe.

Cody is once again making headlines. Except this time, the story is about Cody almost beheading a dude in Dallas. Of course Cody and Donovan Dijak are professionals and know what they're doing. So, as brutal as it looks, I'm sure it wasn't nearly that dangerous.

But, we now live in a world where headshots are almost non-existent due to concussion concerns. So to see one of this particular vicious nature is sort of unsettling. But at the end of the day, the goal of a heel is to get heat. And this certainly is getting a TON of heat for Cody. I'm sure his daddy, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, would be super proud.

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