Every year, I eagerly await the latest version of WWE 2K. For the better part of a decade, the 2K franchise has consistently put out fun games. Some years, quality wise, are better than others, but overall they are always fun. And this year's edition (WWE 2K18) had a LOT of hype leading up to it. Well, the guys did not disappoint.

Right off the bat, the roster in this year's edition is insane. Everyone from Kurt Angle to Brutus the Barber Beefcake is featured in the game. Plus, there are tons of additional downloadable characters that will be added over the next year including the Hardy Boyz.

The Create a Wrestler/My Career mode is insanely in depth. You have to actually win to earn credits to earn moves and skills. The game literally gives you nothing. So, you have to work your way up the ladder much like a real wrestler. Plus, the new Road to Glory mode is an interesting concept where your CAW can play along and earn their way on to PPVs that coincide with what's actually going in the WWE.

There are tons of different game modes. You can create anything you can dream of. The in ring action is fun, easy to pick up and has a lot of replay value. The game is pretty damn awesome. Now, of course, there are some glitches and some things could have been better, but overall, 2K delivered the goods with improved graphics and in-ring action. And, hopefully, they'll issue some patches and game downloads that will make it even better!

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