If you made (the) New Years Resolution to lose weight, I've discovered a list of 10 tried and true ways to do it. #1- DON'T starve yourself. There is a good physiologic reason for it. #2- It's OK to SNACK! But make it fruits, veggies or something protein. #3- PAY ATTENTION WHILE YOU EAT, so you'll know you did. #4- Cravings will pass. Five minutes is the average wait. #5- EAT BREAKFAST! There's a proven physiologic reason to do so. (review #1) #6- Ease up on consumption of alcohol. #7- Sleep. A lot. When you can on your schedule. #8- Exercise. #9- Track what you eat. (see #3) #


1- Be patient. you didn't get overweight overnight, so - overnight won't end being overweight. Check details on the list at this address: http://thecheckup.com/10-ways-to-lose-weight/

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