What can you say about Ric Flair? Dude is a living legend. He's literally said and done it all as far as the wrestling business is concerned. Hell, he's legacy is so big, even those who have never watched a wrestling match in their life know who the Nature Boy is.

Recently, the only 2 time WWE Hall of Famer sat down with Gamespot to discuss his legacy and the current state of WWE.

Flair says that he mighty lucky in career because he suffered devastating injuries that, during the 70s and 80s, should have kept him out of the ring. He also said, that he could still go.

It’s amazing. I’ve got a genetic gift, I think. In the length of my career, I cracked C5 and 6 in my neck, but the technology wasn’t such back then. That was like ’89, so there was no surgery for it. But I was lucky enough it healed itself. What people will never understand is I had to wrestle every night…There was no going home on vacation. And then, I broke myself in an airplane crash, in three places, in 1975. That laid me up for a while, about six or seven months. I was lucky enough to come back from that. And then, I’ve had two rotator cuffs. You know, I’ve had my knees drained and that, but otherwise I feel great. It’s funny. I could wrestle right now. They won’t let me, but I’m ready for any kind of action

Flair also commented on who he thought were the best performers today in the WWE.

It’s one of four people: Randy Orton, A.J. Styles, my daughter [Charlotte], and Seth Rollins. I didn’t even have to think twice about that. Orton is just one of the most gifted guys I’ve ever seen. Orton brings the whole package. He’s 6’4″, phenomenal body, he’s a good talker and a phenomenal in-ring performer. Seth Rollins is the same, just a little bit smaller. A.J. is close to being Shawn Michaels in terms of work ethic. He’s really good and his interviews have gotten better. And then, my daughter…I’m not pushing her. She doesn’t need me to push her. You’ve seen her, she’s real good. The other girls just have a hard time keeping up with her

A 30 for 30 from ESPN on Flair's life is expected to debut sometime next month.

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